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About Jared

Jared has spent the past 7 years living in and out of the San Francisco Bay Area working, dreaming big and experiencing the crash that most startup companies inevitably face.

Despite this adversity, he has successfully brought several consumer products to full production and managed millions of dollars worth of equipment and inventory to make it all a reality.

He has spoken at companies like Tempo Automation about his experience bringing up a hardware product from nothing to mass production. He is actively engaging in further speaking arrangements. Please send an email to and he'll get back to you within a week.

The Travel Blog

After leaving his home of 5 years in San Francisco, Jared has set out on adventures across the USA and abroad. Since August 2016, he has ridden over 7000 miles spanning 7 different states and one province in Canada.

He also has had the great opportunity to study Chinese abroad in Taiwan. It has been an eye opening experience and he is looking forward to collaboration opportunities in this region. Interested in collaborating? Email him at

Click the link for more information about his latest travels, including tips tricks, photos and more..

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