Ask the Best Questions at your Startup Interview

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Interview with Lego man.

Interviewing at a hardware startup, especially early stage, is a different experience. Founders often have no protocol or rubric for bringing on talent. They will often make a decision by a combination of how they feel about you as a candidate but also your past experience. This is a bit liberating because you don’t necessarily have to be the best technically as long as you can show that you’re providing extreme value.

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The Anatomy of a Metatrader4 Indicator

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Currency Exchange

After frustratingly watching my money not do much for itself over the past couple years ago, I decided to look into the different ways I could invest and learn. I had heard about forex from different sources but I decided to give it a whirl and not loose too much money in the process. As part of the process, I noticed that some of the indicators didn’t quite do what I wanted or I would get inspired by an indicator offered for sale and see if I could roll in those features for my own use.

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Cross Compiling on Mac OSX for Raspberry Pi

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Crosstool-NG Toolchain Builder

In my previous posts, I came to the realization that the Raspberry Pi is not very fast! This results lots of chair spinning time while waiting for my projects to compile. After I did some brief research, I found that crosstool-ng was a great resource which would enable me to create a toolchain with all the features I needed. Additionally, with crosstool-ng you can practically build any toolchain for any target platform!

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Hardware Startup Trends

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The nails to build a startup.

In my 4+ years as someone who has lived and breathed startup, I’ve seen some interesting trends. In this post, I wanted to bring some of these trends to light for people who may feel like dipping their toes. I believe this information will provide a stable starting point for people who eventually want to lead a start-up and bring a product to life. Vision that the leadership believes in

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Hardware Entrepreneur Toolbox

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As humans, we tend to collect things and organize them. In this post, I organize some of the most useful information revolving around entrepreneurship and living a purposeful life. Links and Blog posts Hardware Startup Trends Hardware is a Long Game Special Sauce Marketing Getting Press Business What do you want your business to be? Crowdfunding feedback Manufacturing Guided Engineering Asisstance @ Dragon A good analogy as to why it takes longer than expected for (engineering) projects to come to fruition A good article about doing thing the right time the first time Looking to Bootstrap your startup?

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Book Review: No More Mr. Nice Guy

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Nice Guys

To be a truly confident, integrated male in this world you need to set yourself apart from the rest. But first, you need to identify the issues that are preventing you to do so. Over the past few months, I’ve been seeking some answers to questions that plagued me throughout my young adulthood. Questions like, «Why can’t I get what I want?» «How can I really improve myself?» «How can I not only improve myself but my relations with others?

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The Crazy World of Engineering Acronyms

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Oh Emm Gee

The engineering world can sometimes needlessly be sprinkled with acronyms that leave everyone else on the team asking, «What the heck are they talking about?!». I have been compiling a pretty extensive list over the past few weeks and I wanted to share with everyone and anyone that will benefit. Engineering Stages Creating products can be a messy business. There are lots of variables, processes and people that help get a product from concept to reality.

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Thoughts on Hardware Development

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Dead bugs

Building any type of consumer electronics is hard work. Determining whether or not your project will stay afloat a year later is even harder to imagine. There are a few things you can do to ensure that you’re on the right track to success. Solid communication I think this is one of the main problems that most early startups and companies face that should be constantly monitored and improved upon.

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Get Started with Bluetooth Low Energy on Linux

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Bluetooth Logo

Bluetooth Low Energy is an awesome technology. It enables us to connect to every day things that, say 10 years ago, think it would be crazy to do. (Thinking about connecting your phone to your shoes in the early 2000’s. Isn’t it weird?) I have no doubts that connected items will be ubiquitous with every day life. So, why not join the party? During my initial foray into developing for Bluetooth Low Energy, I took some notes that I feel would benefit everyone.

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How to use Node.js WebSockets on Raspberry Pi

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Node and Html5 Logo

In order to get interactive with your now serial enabled Raspberry Pi we need a framework that will provide the ability to communicate in real time over the web. For example, if you press a button in a web browser on your Mac it enables a GPIO on your Raspberry Pi/Arduino which subsequently enables a relay connected to a light in your house. In my previous post, I described how to release the use of the the serial port on the Raspberry Pi from the kernel so it could freely communicate with other devices like the Arduino.

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