Tools to Help the Electronic Hardware Entrepreneur Succeed

Jared Wolff · 2015.6.16· 2 Minute Read · engineering · toolbox

As humans, we tend to collect things and organize them. In this post, I organize some of the most useful information revolving around entrepreneurship and living a purposeful life.





Hardware Accelerators


I am a huge fan of podcasts. They easily fill the silence that usually occurs whenever i’m cooking or making my way around the city. Here are some of my favorites:

Here are some episodes that particularly hit home:

  • Company culture:

Jonathan Fields and Ron Friedman distills down some of the most important aspects of what makes the best work places. More here.

  • Take care of your people

I personally feel like most companies focus so strongly on their goals that they forget about what’s most important, their people. This isn’t a woo-woo concept. Unfortunately, saying “employees are the most important part of the company” doesn’t exactly reflect how much the leadership really cares in a company. Nick and Dale cut right to the chase and talk about how Dale built Sevenly focusing on people first and the actions Dale took to make his company great. More here.


Here are some books that I have personally read and recommend:

More soon!

More soon as I come across other great resources. Happy trails!

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