Resources on How to Get Started in Electronic Device Development

Jared Wolff · 2018.11.4 · 2 Minute Read · resources

Wire wrap

Are you trying to figure out what wireless technology to use? What development kit you should buy? How to find the right partner to engage for your design?

If any of those questions resonate with you these three posts are definitely for you.

This collection of posts is for everyone in the electronic device development process. From beginners to more advanced, I have you covered in these series of posts.

Check them out below so you can start taking action on developing your product. You’ll be able to gain intimate knowledge the steps to make the process a little less painful. 🤩

  1. How to Develop to Your Electronic Device Prototype: A Case Study

    Taking an idea from concept to creation takes time, patience and persistence. This post goes into detail on what a typical prototype creation cycle may look like. So, if you’ve got an idea and want to get a little further start here.

  2. Electronic Device Prototyping Techniques of Industry Experts

    You have an idea, but you’re not sure how to build it. This post describes the most popular prototyping techniques known in the industry. On top of that, they’re suggested and endorsed by industry experts. Can’t get any better than that!

  3. How to Find the Wrong Factory To Make Your Electronic Device

    Finding a product manufacturer to work with is like dating. You shop around until you find a good one. Sometimes though, things can go south fast. Use this post as a guide of who not to chose when trying to find a manufacturer for your product.

  4. Learn The Best Ways How to Power Your Connected Electronic Device in 2018

    Powering your device is one of the most important decisions you need to make. If you make the wrong decision, your device will not last daily use. You imagine all the un-happy faces of your customers as they wrangle with your product. It’s what your nightmares are made of, right?

    So, in this post, I go in depth on eye-opening ways of powering your wireless electronic device. Some you may expect, some you may not. Start reading by clicking the above link!

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