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Brilliant Add-on For Static Sites That Will Make You Dance

How to Make an Amazing Looking Iot Dashboard in No Time

How to Define a Protocol Buffer Bluetooth Low Energy Service: Part 1

One of the most confusing things about Bluetooth Low Energy is how data is moved around. Depending on your application, your device state may be fairly complex. That means having an individual endpoint for every piece of data is suicide by Bluetooth. So, what’s he solution? Protocol Buffers. A protocol buffer is a programatic way to encode/decode optimized structured data. They can be shared and manipulated across almost any platform....

Dimming AC Lights With a Micro Controller Part 2

No matter how much you research and design a circuit board, sometimes things still go wrong. And nine times out of ten, it’s due to human error. In part two of Dimming AC lights With A Micro-controller, I go into assembling my circuit boards and then testing them. I create a fireworks show on my bench but managed not to burn the house down. If you’re curious how I got here, go check out part one....

Circuit Boards Versus Breadboarding

There’s something that always goes wrong with a first revision circuit board design. No matter how long you spend imagining how a circuit will work, it will bork in the most unexpected ways. In the case of my latest project, I overlooked a critical pice of circuitry. My revelation? Turns out you can’t reliably shunt 375mW of power into a 100mW resistor. 😅 Unfortunately, as you guessed it, this would require rework....

How to Self-Assemble Circuit Boards

Self assembling circuit boards is the cheapest way to get components on circuit boards. Period. Don’t believe me? Believe these screenshots: Self assembled: $143.84 + Tax & Shipping Professionally assembled: $362.83 + Tax & Shipping That’s about $50 per board versus $120 per board. That’s huge. Plus 18 days is a long time to wait for three circuit boards. In this post, I’m going to to talk about the biggest tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years on how to assemble my own circuit boards....

The Steps to a Successful Product

I was stressed out. The startup I was working for just closed its doors. Having a family to take care of, I was on edge. I had a tightness in my chest that didn’t quite go away. The onset of panic came in waves. I was defending myself with a crude stick while my attackers had spears. To take my mind off things, my wife and I decided to get out of the house....

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