Fill the holes

Looking for a little extra help?

As a small or medium sized company I get it. Stretching your budget and being scrappy is still the name of the game. That means there are often sacrifices to be made.

Which usually means less bodies to do the work.

Hardware design firms are expensive and slow. Finding a full time employee takes time and is costly.

So why not look into augmenting your team with some outside help?

Take a look at what services I have to offer below. I’d love to make an impact in your organization.

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Firmware Design

Shipping complex electronic products can be stressful. There’s one thing you have control over. It is, you guessed it,…


You can create a connected electronic product. But are you ready for all the gotchas? Wireless can be a hairy beast.…

Hardware Design

Hardware design can be tough. It’s fraught with error. With that error comes a high cost. Here are some of the ways that…