Hardware Design

Hardware design can be tough. It’s fraught with error. With that error comes a high cost.

Here are some of the ways that makes the process a little less painful:

I use your tools

I’ve used almost every type of electronic CAD on the market. You name it. I’ve used it.

For most designs, I use Eagle. I’ve also developed products using OrCAD/Allegro, PADS, and Altium.

All the checkmarks

Checklist chip

Every one of my projects gets a specially designed checklist.

Once a design is ready for release, the checklist is used to find any glaring issues with your design. Those problems are addressed before the boards go to fab. That way, you can sleep easier at night knowing the money used for prototyping is well spent.

Simplify and Streamline Designs

Circle of Life

Projects can get complex. Organizing them with spreadsheets can lead to insanity. That’s where an item master can help.

An item master is an internal part numbering system for your organization. An item master is simply a construct of how the tangible and intangible assets relate to a product. It’s a hair concept but it’s made easier by the ever growing PLM systems out there.

Though it takes time to manage, a PLM system is worth the investment. (especially early on!)

Let’s chat. I can walk you through the process to make it as painless as possible.