You can create a connected electronic product. But are you ready for all the gotchas?

Wireless can be a hairy beast. Between the vast selection of protocols and confusing regulatory requirements, it can be difficult to navigate.

No worries though, there’s hope.

Choices choices and more choices


There are a ton of choices when it comes to picking the right protocol.

Building a distributed IoT project? You could use LoRA or Cellular.

Building something that doesn’t leave the house? Wifi may be a good choice.

I help my clients navigate these choices. That way they can pick the right protocol that will work for their product and stand the test of time.

How would you like your done?

Adding wireless is tough. It gets even more complicated on how you do it:

Chip down?

Module down?

Socket modem?

There are tradeoffs for all of these options.

The more of a certain product you plan to build, the more likely you’ll want to do as much on your own as possible. Looking to ship only a few hundred or even thousand units in a year? Module or socket modems may be a better choice.

Still confused? Let’s talk about which would work best for your product.