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Finding the Best TVOC Sensor: BME680 vs CCS811 vs SGP30

Since releasing the Particle Squared, some of you have asked why use the CCS811 and Si7021? Let me tell you, it wasn’t scientific. Foremost, I had used these sensors on other projects. This made it super easy to integrate and start using. But was it the right choice? In this post, I’m going to go compare these parts using the data sheets, cost breakdown and availability. (as of May 2019) Plus I’ll run them side by side in an ultimate sensor showdown....

Use The Particle Squared Air Quality Sensor With Google Docs

Air quality. You probably think about it more now that our clean air has turned into a permanent haze across the sky. Yuck. I’ve previously written about the subject. This post is a straight-to-the-point version which will get you up and running quick! Gather the Goods Get everything together that you’ll need for this project. This includes: A Particle Mesh board (Argon, Boron, Xenon). You can get them almost anywhere....

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How to Make an Amazing Looking Iot Dashboard in No Time

Finding the Best TVOC Sensor: BME680 vs CCS811 vs SGP30

Homemade Particle Powered Indoor Air Quality Sensor

I got my hands on some of the mesh based Particle boards not too long ago. I’ve been itching to try them out but haven’t quite figured out the project. One thing has been bothering me though: air quality. I spend a good amount of time in my office tinkering, soldering, coding and writing. I sneeze occasionally so I always wondered, how bad is it? The house is also prone to mold exposure during the hot months which had me concerned....