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Protocol Buffers For Your Bluetooth Low Energy Service

One of the most confusing things about Bluetooth Low Energy is how data is moved around. Depending on your application, your device state may be fairly complex. That means having an individual endpoint for every piece of data is suicide by Bluetooth. So, what’s he solution? Protocol Buffers. A protocol buffer is a programatic way to encode/decode optimized structured data. They can be shared and manipulated across almost any platform....

How to Optimize Your Bluetooth Device Battery Life

If your product isn’t lasting as long as you want to, it may be time to do a current profile on your product and see where you can optimize power. This is a must for battery powered products and will save you from the dreaded customer induced headache 🤯 in the future. Once you know how you’re going to power your product, it’s time to figure out how much power you can save with this handy technique....

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Get Started With Bluetooth Low Energy

Bluetooth Low Energy is an awesome technology. It enables us to connect to every day things that, say 10 years ago, think it would be crazy to do. (Thinking about connecting your phone to your shoes in the early 2000’s. Isn’t it weird?) I have no doubts that connected items will be ubiquitous with every day life. So, why not join the party? During my initial foray into developing for Bluetooth Low Energy, I took some notes that I feel would benefit everyone....