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Brilliant Add-on For Static Sites That Will Make You Dance

Privacy. Performance. Brilliant looks. Can you have all three? (Of course!) Having a statically generated blog is great. Many folks use services like Disqus and Google Analytics to make them even better. Not surprising if you were one of them! Privacy concerns are are the forefront of everyone’s attention. So, rather than keeping the status quo, it’s time to do something about it! If you’ve been looking to protect your site visitor’s privacy and improve performance this blog post is for you....

Adding Search to a Hugo Site With Lunr and Gulp

I just recently added search to Circuit Dojo but it was not as straight forward as I had hoped. There was plenty of people who had done it but there were some important details that were left out. So, like anyone else in this situation, I hacked on it a bit to understand how things work under the hood. Here’s the process from beginning to end on how to get it done using a Gulpfile, and some Hugo templates generated on compile time....

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Brilliant Add-on For Static Sites That Will Make You Dance

How to Make an Amazing Looking Iot Dashboard in No Time

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