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Create a Cross Platform App Using Blynk

As “fun” as it is to take days if not months to create a mobile app, no one likes to wait. So, how can you get to something working that you can get up and running and focus on the next thing? Enter Blynk. Blynk is an app that creates apps. You can use it to monitor the air inside your house or even turn your lights on and off. Your imagination is your limitation....

How to Build a Particle Photon Powered Temperature Sensor

In the beginning, there was nothing. Then, you figure it out and go from there. Someone Wise Every project has it’s beginnings. Mine began with a simple hypothesis: “Could I, using the Particle Photon, to monitor a wood-stove for a winter season running on two AA lithium batteries.“ So, there were two things to think about during this process Constraints of the batteries Functionality of the design In order to get the best battery life, the system has to be in a very low power draw state most of the time....

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