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Deploy HomeBridge On Raspberry Pi Using Resin.io

I’ve been nerding out. It’s something I just can’t stop sometimes. Most recently working on making our home more connected and efficient. Part of the effort was experimenting with some Wemos I had purchased off of eBay about a month ago. The Wemo app works alright but there’s definitely more to be desired there. (Plus it makes me cringe to think every Wemo is running DDWRT) The main problem? Wemo doesn’t support Apple Homekit....

Raspberry Pi Getting Interactive With Websockets

In order to get interactive with your now serial enabled Raspberry Pi we need a framework that will provide the ability to communicate in real time over the web. For example, if you press a button in a web browser on your Mac it enables a GPIO on your Raspberry Pi/Arduino which subsequently enables a relay connected to a light in your house. Before we get started: since creating this post back in 2014, much has changed in the landscape of Node....

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Cross Compiling on Mac OSX for Raspberry Pi

In my previous posts, I came to the realization that the Raspberry Pi is not very fast! This results lots of chair spinning time while waiting for my projects to compile. After I did some brief research, I found that crosstool-ng was a great resource which would enable me to create a toolchain with all the features I needed. Additionally, with crosstool-ng you can practically build any toolchain for any target platform!...

Resistive Water Level Measurements

More tinkering happened today. I also had time to make an organizer for my prototyping setup. More details after the break! There are a bunch of ways that you can do measure liquid levels. I found a great post on Digikey about the different methods used. After I was able to get water level measurement in place, at least in the Arduino firmware, I wanted to do a few full “discharges” to ensure that the ADC curve would be easy to adapt to for limiting....

Setting Up Serial (UART) on Raspberry Pi

Here’s another mini post about using the built in serial device on the Raspberry Pi. By default, the Raspbian kernel attaches to the serial port (/dev/ttyAMA0) and uses it as a console. In order to interface with an external device, such as an Arduino, you need to disable this auto-attach feature. Fortunately, this problem is solved with a little script: Raspberry Pi Console Enabler/Disabler. The script will automatically remove the auto-attach feature the Raspbian kernel has and will release it for use to userspace....

Installing Node.js on Raspberry Pi

As a continuation of posting tips and tricks about the Raspberry Pi I thought I would throw in some mini-posts that some people may find useful or interesting. Today’s topic? How to install Node.js Ready? Lets go! Quick and dirty There are a few ways of installing Node.js on your Raspberry Pi. The best way I found was to do it using the source. (Not available via apt-get? I could be wrong....

Fixing your Locale on Raspberry Pi

As a continuation of posting tips and tricks about the Raspberry Pi I thought I would throw in some mini-posts that some people may find useful or interesting. So without further ado lets jump into today’s mini-post. Locale? What the h#$* is a Locale? After a fresh install of Raspbian I noticed I was getting an error message: bash: warning: setlocale: LC_ALL: cannot change locale (en_US.UTF-8) Simply put, a Locale is the way to tell your computer how to interpret what type of characters you are using (i....

Installing Tup on Raspbian

There are always cool new technologies being developed every day. I was introduced to the Tup build system from one of my colleagues at Sifteo. Mostly for giggles, I’ve decided to use it for my Raspberry Pi projects. But before we go any further I need to install it on my Raspberry Pi! Why tup? The idea behind Tup is basic but the implementation is far from trivial. Tup basically helps make your development cycles faster by creating a directed acyclic graph and then processes said graph to execute certain functions....

Raspberry Pi: Ruby + Nginx Setup

In this guide, I’m going to show you how to get a basic web server running on a Raspberry Pi. Sounds intriguing? Let’s get started! Set the timezone I found that the timezone was set to UTC on my Pi. There is an easy fix for that. Just run: pi@raspberrypi:~$ sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata Current default time zone: 'US/Pacific' Local time is now: Sat Sep 21 22:55:13 PDT 2013. Universal Time is now: Sun Sep 22 05:55:13 UTC 2013....

How to Enable Password-less Login on Raspberry Pi

In this guide, I’m going to show you how setup password-less ssh login to your Raspberry Pi. Itching to get started? Lets go! Beam me up This guide assumes you have already loaded NOOBS onto a SD card and installed Raspbian. If you have not, those instructions can be found here. Once you have installed Raspbian come back and we’ll continue. Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere. Logging in The default login for Raspbian is:...

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