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How to Make an Amazing Looking Iot Dashboard in No Time

In this post, I’m going to show you how to get started with Grafana and InfluxDB running in a docker container on Digital Ocean. That way you can get on demand pretty graphs like these: The cost? $5 a month Let’s get to it. Steps Login to Digital Ocean. If you don’t have Digital Ocean and would like to support this blog click here to create an account. Go to Account Settings -> Security and make sure you have an SSH key setup....

Finding the Best TVOC Sensor: BME680 vs CCS811 vs SGP30

UPDATE! (6/18/2019) I’ve been watching the data over the past month. What i’ve found has definitely changed my opinion about the devices i’m using. So what’s the big news? Temperature The BME680 and the SGP30 both correlate in their readings with temperature. This means when the temperature goes up and down, i’ve seen the TVOC reading go up and down as well. Hardly useful for a sensor that is supposed to tell you if your air is bad or not....

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How to Make an Amazing Looking Iot Dashboard in No Time

Finding the Best TVOC Sensor: BME680 vs CCS811 vs SGP30

Homemade Particle Powered Indoor Air Quality Sensor

I got my hands on some of the mesh based Particle boards not too long ago. I’ve been itching to try them out but haven’t quite figured out the project. One thing has been bothering me though: air quality. I spend a good amount of time in my office tinkering, soldering, coding and writing. I sneeze occasionally so I always wondered, how bad is it? The house is also prone to mold exposure during the hot months which had me concerned....

How to Best Power Your Connected Electronic Device in 2018

Powering an electronic device is a challenge. Depending on the end user case you may want to use batteries. In some cases, plug it into the wall. Either way there are drawbacks and advantages to either solution. In this article, I dive into the most used methods of powering electronic devices. That way you can make an informed choice and move onto the hairier problems that you’re working on....

Getting Started in Electronic Device Development

Are you trying to figure out what wireless technology to use? What development kit you should buy? How to find the right partner to engage for your design? If any of those questions resonate with you these three posts are definitely for you. This collection of posts is for everyone in the electronic device development process. From beginners to more advanced, I have you covered in these series of posts....