Embedding Rust Into Zephyr Using Cbindgen

I’m a big fan of the Rust programming language. I’ve used it to build servers, develop test firmware, build CLI tools, and more. One of my goals has been to get some type of Rust…

2021.3.29 · 12 Minute Read

Testing Hardware Using Rust

Rust has grown on me over the past year. I consumed The Book while on a plane ride in February of last year right before Covid hit. It has basically been all downhill since. 😅…

2021.1.10 · 16 Minute Read

CBOR for Embedded C and Rust

When sending data theres a few ways you can go about it. In the embedded world, it’s not uncommon to serialize data so it can be efficiently sent through the ether. On the other…

2020.11.19 · 13 Minute Read