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Welcome to this landing page.

You may be here wondering what this is all about. Let me tell you..

Particle Mesh is an exciting platform. Unfortunately i’ve seen people just like you struggle with building the products they want.

Want to set up UART over Bluetooth Low Energy? You can learn how with this guide.

Want to upload your data to Google Docs? You can learn how with this guide.

It is a work in progress. I plan to share inside tips and content previews with you along the way.

Want in? Signup below:

Frequently Asked Questions

What formats will this book be in?

Mobi, Epub and PDF! Also stay tuned for videos and other supplementary content. :)

What will be covered?

  • Hardware peripherals (I2C, SPI, GPIOs, UART, Onboard RGB Led)
  • Everything Software (Timers, EEProm, TCP Client, String Manipulation)
  • Every communication method imaginable (LTE, Mesh, Bluetooth, Ethernet, NFC)
  • Hardware integration and tips