The Ultimate Guide to Particle Gen 3

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You may be here wondering what this is all about. Let me tell you..

Particle’s 3rd generation is an exciting development in the world of IoT. Unfortunately there’s a ton there. Where do you start? How do you put one in a box and deploy it to your customer site??!

Now there’s a guide to help you.

Want to connect using Bluetooth Low Energy? You can learn how with this guide.

Want to upload your data to the cloud? You can learn how with this guide.

The Content

I’ve broken down the most important features and concepts. There is no such thing as filler. Every page helps get you closer to your goal: deploying your Particle based project!

There’s also diagrams, charts and more throughout. Here’s one highlighting the hardware features of a Xenon.

Top Side Xenon

Written for anyone who needs a leg up on their Particle development. Learn tips and tricks to speed up your development process. Learn how to use the hardware to your advantage. Get familiar with the weaknesses and the strengths of the platform.

What Readers Are Saying

Wondering what other people think about the guide? Here’s what Jim thinks:

Your content depth and scope is excellent, IMO.  A very good reference which is effective and easier to use than the wealth of Particle and Particle Forum information.

Or here are some thoughts from Kerry:

Your book is great! Thank you for taking the time to create it.

Here’s what Rob has to say:

It was well worth the purchase of your document. In fact, I was referencing it this morning while working with Particle devices. Please keep up the good work!

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Important: Particle has recently announced that they’re deprecating Mesh. Despite the name it, this guide covers almost everything you need to know to get started with all of Particle’s Gen 3 products. So if you’re still interested in Wifi, LTE, Bluetooth and more look no further than this guide!

The Ultimate Guide to Particle Gen 3 is available for instant download. Click below to get your copy for $29 USD.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What formats does this guide come in?

  1. MOBI (Kindle eBook)
  2. ePUB (iBooks and other eReaders)
  3. PDF

When will I get access to the downloads site?

After purchase, you should get an email to your inbox. Make sure you keep the message handy.

What’s covered?

  • Hardware peripherals (I2C, SPI, GPIOs, UART, Onboard RGB Led)
  • Everything Software (Timers, EEProm, TCP Client, String Manipulation)
  • Every communication method imaginable (LTE, Bluetooth, Ethernet, NFC)
  • Getting familiar with Particle Console
  • Learning the most important features of the CLI
  • Get to know the most critical pieces of the Android & iPhone app
  • Debugging using Particle’s debugger
  • Common External Tools and Examples
  • Hardware integration and tips

100% Guarantee

Read the guide and didn’t get anything out of it?

No worries.

If you’re not happy i’ll issue a 100% refund back to your original payment method. No fuss, no muss. No 🥥.

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